Saturday April 23rd, 10-5pm.
Rettendon, Essex CM3 8DN

The 1-Day Intensive Retreat Workshop that has been custom designed to get yourself back to the centre of your life.

Recalibrate your energy and mindset through breathwork movement and leading edge transformation techniques.

So are you...

Ready to dust off the cobwebs from the past year
and create a new map for the year ahead?

Unsure about how to go forwards after two years
moving in and out of lockdown?

Finding yourself wanting more from life, knowing that you need to do something different, yet uncertain how to move forwards?

Jump in for a quick, but deep, fix
to uplift your cells and soul
towards a more proactive
and optimised approach to your future life now.

It's finally time already to:

💫 Cleanse your thoughts and mindset to bring clarity

💫 Stop your self-questioning, connect with your inner knowing 

💫 Take time for the self, you have to fill your cup first

💫 Allow more space into your life, effortless is the new buzz

💫 Review your priorities, check out the constellation of your life

💫Reset your nervous system, simply and quickly

💫 Take radical responsibility for the key to your mood and magnetism 

💫 Connect with like minded interesting souls, we can’t do it alone

💫 6 hours of intensive practical work for lasting change

💫 2 hours reflective, conversational relaxation time for you to integrate

💫 Movement for clearing and activation of the cells

💫 Mindset clearing utilising non-invasive meridian therapy

💫 Visualisation for your ‘future-self’ integration

💫 Healthy nutritious lunch catering to all food requirements

💫BnB at an additional cost

💫 Take home techniques for your daily toolbox

💫 Journal Planner methodology digital and PDF 

💫 Facebook Community for on-going support

💫 Discount on BNB services, sound healing and 1 to 1 breathwork

The teachings from these sessions are recorded for you to take the practices away with you into your new future.

Meet Your Retreat Leaders:

Emma Goldie’s long term experience in retreat and community events and a deep desire for evolution always provide the perfect space and conditions for transformation.

Emma has developed a unique Modality Polarity Navigation to disentangle identity from soul self to allow freedom towards a new paradigm. Her long-term experience as a yogi and healing practitioner hold the foundation for personal responsibility and radical ownership as the key to change.

Committed to supporting individuals and collective alike Emma understands from profound experience how our limitations are interwoven with expectations of self and others. She also utilises reverse engineering to bring you back to a more permanent state of presence.

“Allow the consciousness to do the work for you!”


Philippa Wilkin is a Transformational Leadership Coach and Breathwork Facilitator who has spent decades doing the work.

In her previous life Phillipa’s successful career was in the financial services sector in London. After more than a decade and a lot of soul searching Phillipa realised that her ‘job’ wasn’t fulfilling her purpose and passion. 

One of Phillipa’s most powerful tools, that she discovered spending fortunes and thousands of hours exploring, is conscious connected breathwork. Phillipa’s ride has been wild and amazing, and her energy and experience always brings trust for her wide varied clientbase which sets her up to hold a vast space for deep transformation with confidence, grace and ease.

“Give yourself the experience of the magic of the breath for yourself!”


Come and have some fun with like minded souls to realign your inner and outer connection in this time of complex global unrest. Explore within a unique and supported program and space how finding your own centre can be the catalyst for profound and lasting change.

Need a payment plan?

Book a free connection session with Emma Goldie

This is for you if you know that limiting blocks stand in the way of you achieving the that you deserve to best serve your clients, family, team and community.

Here’s what will happen during our connection session…

STEP 1: Click the link to join a no obligation free navigation call. In the application form the more detail you can give me the better for us to figure out why everything else you have tried has not yet worked. Or maybe you just want to seriously uplevel.

STEP 2: You’ll get an email confirming the date and time for our Navigation session, mark your calendar and get excited!

STEP 3: During our Navigation session, I’ll ask a few questions, share how the polarity navigation methodology works, and if at this point we both feel like this upgrade for the 1:1 program is the perfect fit for you, I’ll give you all the details and we can get started. 

Ready for 1-1s?